Canon 5D Showreel test: Wake up

During our first skills session after coming back from the summer holidays, we were introduced to the new equipment that’s available to us. One of which was the canon 5D SLR 5d

In order to get a better understanding of how the camera works, I used it to produce a one minute film. I own a canon 60D and found this camera quite similar to use. Because of this I already felt somewhat familiar with the type of camera. I wanted to challenge myself by introducing a narrative to the piece. I came up with the concept of creating the early morning routine of an ordinary person before going to work. The piece is entitled ‘Wake Up’.

If I were to re-do this piece then I would focus more on the sound. This was only a short test to develop my skills with the camera and so I felt sound wasn’t as important (this time). I would also use a separate subject to film rather than myself. I felt this may have hindered the piece slightly as setting up shots whilst you’re in them can be fairly difficult.

A rough storyboard i sketched to give me a quick idea of the shots I will film.

A rough storyboard I sketched to give me a quick idea of the shots I will film.

I do feel that I have achieved the main aim of my goal though as I am now confident with using a canon 5D SLR camera.

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